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What should I use to make my ceramic tile shine when I mop? I have new tile just 2 weeks old, so it's clean.

by Irene Diaz

I want to know what product I can buy so that my ceramic tile will shine after I mop my floor and it's dry. I have just installed ceramic tile 2 weeks ago so it's not dirty, it just doesn't have a shine that I would like.



I don't know of any product and I wouldn't recommend applying any product that will make your ceramic tiles shine.

If you wanted a shiny floor, you should have bought a ceramic tile that was shiny to begin with.

If you do apply a product that will make it shine, in my experience you will find that it will be hard to maintain that shine and when it comes time to do it again you will have problems.

First, your problems will begin by the product beginning to peel or gradually wear off any then dirt will begin to collect in the product itself.

Then, if you want to re-apply, you will have to strip it, having to use a very alkaline aggressive stripper that can damage your baseboards and paint.

Then, if you're able to strip it, the product will be stuck in your grout lines, making it more of a nightmare.

In my opinion, you will be adding more headaches for the future if you use any product to make your floor look shiny.

It may look great when you first apply it, but it will start looking bad soon after and then the headaches begin.

These are my opinions based on what I've seen on all types of floors.

I hope this helps.


Comments for What should I use to make my ceramic tile shine when I mop? I have new tile just 2 weeks old, so it's clean.

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Mar 09, 2018
Truth be told
by: Anonymous

Pedro, is absolutely correct. I had to re-read his post but it was brutally honest. I understand many are overall sensative and may prefer sugar coating to honesty. I too am guilty of not purchasing a high gloss and/or porcelain floor. Note: Matte does hide dirt better than gloss.

Mar 08, 2018
by: Anonymous


Nov 22, 2017
Pedro you are awesome!
by: Anonymous

Pedro you are not rude! You gave a straight shot answer! It's great that you shared your experience with us! Thanks for being awesome!

Sep 28, 2017
Reply to Anonymous
by: Pedro

My answer was not meant to be condescending and I'm sorry if it comes off that way. I just read my response and I can see how it may be interpreted that way.

My response is based on from my experiences with coatings that should not to be sold to the general public as they create problems for people.

If you don't want problems with your tile and grout, don't put finishes on them.

I'm sorry you didn't benefit from my advice. I hope Irene did, and I hope she didn't put down a product that could cause her time and money in the future.


Sep 20, 2017
Geeze Pedro
by: Anonymous

Wow...what a negative attempt to help Irene. I felt compelled to comment, in order to stick up for her! First Pedro, you do not know if she bought "shine" tile or not. She may very well have, and simply wanted it shinier. You were very condescending. Second Pedro, you stated "I don't know of any product that will make it shine". Then you proceeded to share with us, all you have witnessed and experienced with products intended for tile shine. And you shared with us quite a nightmare.So Pedro, it seems you Do not if you are coming or going. No, your answer was not helpful. It was rude, condescending, and inconsistent.

Jan 25, 2016
Bring back the ceramic Shine!
by: Anonymous

A Recipe for bringing back the shine from a wife of a Commercial and Residential Tile Man!
7 cups water
1/2 cup Baking Soda
1/3 cup Lemon juice
1/4 cup white vinager
Mix togeather and put in a spray bottle!
Spray Floor tile and let set a few minutes and then Lightly scrub tiles and wipe up! This is what she uses on her ceramic floors and they always look good and shine!

Jan 15, 2016
Restoring shine to ceramic tile
by: Isabella

I have just been researching how to make my floors shine and have found some safe natural ways in which to do so My doors were not glazed when they were installed and in 6 months are considerably dull. To restore shine mix 1 Tbls. rubbing alcohol to 1 gallon warm water. Mop floor using a little pressure to get up dirt. Rinse floors with warm water. Dry with a towel. Hope this helps.

Jul 25, 2013
Don't Wax UnWaxed Floors!
by: Sore Knees

I am going to agree with Pedro 110% considering I just got up off my knees from the all day task of stripping the wax off my floor. When I waxed I noticed splotches in the wax. And like an idiot, I thought if I waxed again the splotches would disapper - NOT!

So as a result of my desire to have shiny floors, it has cost me a whole day off work to strip the floors, now I have to spend another day cleaning the grout and probably yet ANOTHER day sealing.

Did I have nice looking floors (for a very short while) - Yes. Was it worth all the work to fix the floors - HELL NO!

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