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Safe Method of Cleaning Pool Tile

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Cleaning pool tile can be a time consuming and even dangerous event you might not want to take on doing yourself.

You may have tried muriatic acid in combination with a pumice stone, or paid for someone that used a wire wheel or glass beads to take off that ugly looking mineral.

Cleaning Pool Tile

All of the above mentioned methods are fine and dandy and you may have had great success with them, or worst, you may have had a bad experience.

Using our method of pool tile cleaning, we don't have to empty the pool to do the cleaning. We only lower the pool below the pool tile just a few inches.

The method we use is similiar to soda-blasting, if you're familiar with that system, but instead of using baking soda, we're using a pH neutral media that will not harm pool chemistry or surrounding plants.

Cleaning Pool Tile The media we use is a mineral called kieserite, which is more commonly known as epsom salt.

Because the media is pH neutral, there is no need for adjusting your pool chemicals after we are finished cleaning.

How we Clean Pool Tile

Cleaning Pool Tile First we lower the level of the pool just below the tile line. No need to drain your pool, conserving water and saving you time and money.

Next we clean your pool tile with a pressure washer that has a special nozzle connected to it, which siphons in the mineral blast media.

The blast media is harder than the mineral and scale build-up, but softer than the tiles themself.

Our system is much softer on the ceramic tiles than most glass bead systems. Glass beads are much harder than the ceramic tiles and can damage the tiles during the cleaning.

Some pool cleaning companies will try cleaning pool tile with muriatic acid and brushes. This process is not only time consuming, but also damages pool tile.

With our system, the mineral salt not only cleans the pool tile of calcium and dirt, but actually polishes them.

Once we're finished cleaning all the tiles, we begin vacuuming any residual media from the bottom of the pool with our portable pump.
Cleaning Pool Tile
Some of the media will be dissolved in the pool, and will leave a cloudy appearance, but usually filters out within 24 hours.

Using our method for cleaning pool tile works great, but is not limited to only tiles.

Brick, rock, fountains and even statues can be cleaned using this method.

Here is an example of a natural stone spa facade that was neglected for many years.

Cleaning the wall took several hours, due to the calcium growing in every nook and and cranny of the stone.

Cleaning Pool Tile Natural stone surfaces usually take longer to clean, because of their porous nature, but we've had success cleaning them as you can see.

Calcium build-up on pool tile will accumulate with time and should be cleaned before the tile and grout surfaces are completely covered.

Usually the calcium build-up is only along the water line or below a waterfall or spa spillway, but in the case when the level of the pool has varied over time, the calcium can build-up to cover the entire tile.

Before any pool tile cleaning, we assess the severity of the calcium build-up to determine how long and and how much blast media will be needed to perform the service.

When it comes to cleaning pool tile or just maintaining your natural stone and tile and grout, we strive to help educate our customers on the best protection they can have, helping them save time and money in costly restoration costs down the road.

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Hi Guys! Just want to let you know that I am very happy with the outcome of your hard work. My bathroom looks like it was just remodeled. It looks great! I am very glad that I chose Integrity Stone and Tile Cleaning to do the job. I will definitely recommend Integrity Stone and Tile to my friends and neighbors. I saved a lot of money by restoring rather then replacing. Thanks again for the fine work!

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